The Guyana National Housing Trust (GNHT) was established in 2013. We are entrusted with the mission of making homeownership affordable and accessible for residents across Guyana, the Caribbean and Latin America enhancing the stock of available housing in Guyana as well as providing financial assistance to the most needy of our Contributors who wish to build or to repair their homes.

The GNHT also has a mandate to generate funding for the housing construction sector and to promote improved building systems and greater efficiency within the industry. We are a statutory body, primarily funded by deductions from Employers and the Self-Employed as well as from Employees and Voluntary Contributors who are part of the GNHT/CHT Homeownership platform.

Who We Are

The Guyana National Housing Trust is an organization set up by the Founding Chairwoman Dr.  Karis Munroe and board of Caribbean Association of real  estate  professionals in collaboration with Fabulous Homes International to provide financing at low interest rates to Contributors who wish to build or repair/improve their houses or who wish to buy or build on lots. The GNHT also develops housing schemes for sale to Contributors and provides low cost financing to options.

Our Vision:

The GNHT will be ranked among the leading housing finance institutions in the world, renowned for customer service and contribution to national development.   

Our Mission:

Improving the quality of life of Guyanese and later the wider Caribbean by facilitating homeownership and community development, particularly among moderate income persons.

We have set for ourselves some strategic priorities, that are specifically –

  1. Increase Housing Completions
  2. Increase Mortgage Creation
  3. Improve Contribution Collection and Management
  4. Improve Customer Service
  5. Improve Budget Management & Organization Efficiency

We pride ourselves in operating on a certain set of core values, these are:

  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Caring
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork

What can you expect from us?

We promise all our customers the highest standards of service. Your queries, loan requests, suggestions and complaints will be handled with the utmost confidentiality, integrity and care. You will be treated with respect by all our staff with whom you come in contact. Our aim is to delight you.

Courtesy and Helpfulness

We are committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and so we will –

  • be courteous, fair and respectful
  • help you to complete your transactions
  • provide our customer service representatives with name badges so that they can be clearly identified.

Information and Openness

We promise to provide accurate and complete information on all our services and will promptly let you know of any changes to our policies or to the way we operate. 

How can you help us?

We want you to have a pleasant experience when you visit or call our offices. Here’s how you can help us to help you –

  • Ensure that you provide complete and accurate information when submitting any application to us.
  • Feel free to provide feedback on how we can make our services better, we take your suggestions into consideration and use them to refine our operations so that we can serve you even better.
  • Provide a contact telephone number, TIN number/account number when you write in to us.
  • Let us know of any change in your address or in your employment information.
  • Respond as quickly as possible, if you are asked to provide additional information for us to be able to help you.
  • Provide us with acceptable identification such as a valid (not expired) driver’s license, passport or national identification card.
  • If possible, provide us with your e-mail address.
  • Make your mortgage payments on time.
  • If you are an employer or self-employed person, pay your GNHT contributions on time.
  • Ensure that your Contributions Refund application contains accurate information.
  • Treat our staff with respect and courtesy.